Explore your endless possibilities

You want to explore your endless possibilities – at work and otherwise. You want to respond effectively to opportunities and to benefit in any scenario.

For this, you need the ability to find and assess possible conditions, actions and outcomes.

Possibilities arise in the face of reflection, for example: What are your intentions for your work in the next 3 months? The next 3 years?
Intention – something you want to have, to be or to do – is your primary motivator.

Asking “why” to an apparent intention can lead you to a clear statement of your real intention.

Asking “how” to a real intention can lead you to possible conditions, actions and outcomes, from which you can choose the appropriate (necessary and sufficient) ones to give your time, attention, energy and value.

Play DICE. Discover, Invent and Create possibilities, conditions, actions and outcomes by Exploring what is meaningful to you and to your intentions.


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